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How To Plan Andaman Trip

If you are planning to visit Andaman for the first time, you know that you are going to encounter crystal clear waters, white sands, and lots of marine life. With the amazing pictures that you see on the internet, you would definitely want to fly off right now! But, that is not possible. And, thank god that it isn’t, because there is a lot that you need to know and consider before planning your travels in Andaman.

What kind of trip do you want?

Andaman Holiday Package Group tour

First of all, you need to analyze what kind of a trip you would want to plan – a group tour, a regular tour, or a self-planned trip.

Group tour – This enables you to travel in a group with a tour agency taking care of every aspect of the group to ensure a planned fun experience.

Regular tour – This is a customized package that a local tour operator can plan for your friends/family with their exclusive knowledge about travelling to Andaman.

Self-planned trip – This is when you want to plan your trip all on your own by contacting multiple tour operators and websites, and then picking out the best.

Whatever kind of tour you want, and for any kind of assistance to plan your trip, remember you have Andaman Holiday Packages by your side to plan the perfect travels in Andaman for you.

How many days do you have for your trip?

Long Vacation Package in Andaman

With the busy life that everyone has today, we can hardly get any time out to enjoy ourselves for a while, let alone going on a long vacation. Yet, if you can get the opportunity to enjoy a short trip, you are really lucky! So, make the most of it and plan up a week’s trip for the Andamans, if you can, because there is a lot to do and experience there. However, if you don’t have that much time, at least plan on setting up a 3 day trip.

What is your budget?

Budget Friendly Tour Package

Different people have different budgets, depending upon their class, lifestyle, luxuries, and leisure pursuit. Visiting Andaman on a strict budget may cost you somewhere around 15-20,000 per person; and the amount could go to as high as 1 lakh rupees, or even more, depending upon the services you opt for – your flight tickets, your hotel stay, your local transportation, the place you visit, the activities you do, etc. Again, if you are planning to fly to Andaman during the peak season between October to May, you can expect a rise in rates for all kinds of bookings. So, it all depends upon how you want it to be. If you are on a strict budget, you will have to cut down on the activities and luxuries; and also plan to go anywhere between May to September.

How should you get there?

Travel Andaman Island by Flight

You could get to Andaman either by air or water. Although air makes you reach faster than ships, travelling by ship gives you a lifetime experience! Whatever mode you choose, you will have to travel from your city to any of these – Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, and Vishakhapatnam – in order to book your flight or ship, as these are the only places that offer transportation to Port Blair.

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