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Want To Go Scuba Diving In Andaman?


Andaman is one of the most popular scuba diving spots, closest to India, which gives one the feeling of an international holiday. It is one of the best diving experiences you can have with colourful corals, seabed gardens, patterned fishes, and lots more. Without any expert swimming skills, you can go scuba diving in Andaman with the help of guides and experts to help you. And, if you are an expert and professional diver, you can go deep down the waters to view a site that will amaze and bedazzle you! Or, you could even go diving deep down the waters at night to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Here is a list of the 10 best diving spots in Andaman that you can visit for having an ultimate scuba diving experience.

Barracuda City

The best spot for intermediate and expert divers to explore deep marine life and swim with turtles, Coral fish, Surgeon fish, and Blue spotted sting rays 25-30 meters down the sea.


The best spot for night diving, with a depth of 6 to 18 meters, Lighthouse is a large diving site for all kinds of divers. You can come across soft and hard corals, octopus, lobsters, Lionfish, Fusiliers, and Humpback Parrotfish while you are here.


A fringing reef spot for beginners, Aquarium is the perfect diving spot with a depth of 10-12 meters to explore hard corals and colourful fishes.

Seduction Point

A massive rock embraced with aquatic life including Staghorn corals.

Mac Point

A popular diving spot with a depth of 10-14 meters, you can see rugged hard corals and Dugongs here.

North Point, Cinque Island

With clarity up to 80 feet, this is the best diving spots for expert divers, showcasing a diversity of fish species, sponges, and small corals.

Margherita’s Mischief

Unlike its name, it is a calm diving spot with crystal clear water and soft sand. With a depth of 7-16 meters, you can spot Dugongs, Batfish, Blue spotted sting rays, Puffer fish, Soldier fish, Angel fish, and Yellow Snappers here.

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

A one-of-a-kind national park that showcases various colourful sea flowers and corals of almost 50 kinds like Acropora, Fungia, Leptoseris, Pocillopora, Clown fish, Surgeon fish, Parrot Shark, Angel fish, Butterfly fish, Whitetip Shark, and many more.

Bala Reef, Little Andaman Island

Located in Little Andaman Island, Bala Reef is the perfect diving spot for witnessing corals of different hues.

Corruption Rock

Home to unicorn fishes and shipwrecks, this beautiful diving site located between Rutland Island and Chidiya Tapu, has a maze of canyons, channels, and ridges. Divers can spot lots of Eagle Rays,Tuna, and Giant Napoleons here.

Whichever diving spot you choose from the lot, you are sure to have the most amazing experience. But, to experience this, be well prepared to spend anywhere between Rs. 2500 to 6500. However, you can have a reduced spend on scuba diving in Andaman without having to compromise on the quality if you book one of the scuba diving packages offered by Andaman Holiday Packages.

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